Monthly Archives: October 2014

Our previous work

To give you a taster of what BSA Manchester are all about here is a brief overview of some of our past projects!

3 minute science


3 minute science is a competition run across schools and colleges in and around Greater Manchester, where students are asked to create their own 3 minute science documentary. Last year’s documentaries were set around the theme ‘Manchester – The Science of the City’ and we received a whole load of great entries.

Last year’s winners (2013) came from Manchester Creative and Media Academy. The school submitted a creative and humorous video exploring the role of Jodrell Bank and the science that is done there. See the video here.


Best Competition

BEST is a biotechnology business competition for teams of up to six students from schools and colleges in Greater Manchester in years 11-13 (ages 16-18). The teams have to think of a brand-new idea for a biotechnology business. The idea only has to be theoretically possible, but it must be based on real-science. They then have to pitch their idea to our “Dragon’s Den” style panel of scientists and entrepreneurs during our competition day. The winning team will be the one that impresses our judges the most, and convinces them that their idea is the one that could work.

Teams are provided with support and encouragement throughout the process. Last year we held a half-day biotech workshop to inspire competitors. Here, teams were able hear from scientists and business leaders from around Manchester and after the event everyone had the opportunity to discuss their ideas with these speakers and get a few helpful hints.