The Science Hive: Manchester

Science at all levels has a huge impact on our lives, from policies to medicines and everything in-between. Therefore, here at The Hive we want to open the door to the ivory tower and show everyone around, connecting people with the science that shapes their lives.

  • We seek to achieve that by promoting openness about science in society and affirming science as a prime cultural force through engaging and inspiring adults and young people directly with science and technology, and their implications.

Here at Hive HQ we want to create an environment where scientists feel supported and comfortable talking about their work and where the public can engage with current research and related issues, without being bombarded by jargon.


Our group of volunteers run a range of ‘hands-on’ events throughout the year aimed at all ages and interests (for examples of our past work see here). We also hope to expand our corner of the internet, forming a hub for scientific discussion in and around Manchester. If you would like to know more about our work, don’t hesitate to email us on TheScienceHive@manchesterscience.co.uk, follow us on twitter @Sci_Manchester or, if you are interested in getting involved, check out our volunteering page.

For our tickets and information regarding our upcoming events see here

 Header image courtesy of Dellboyy Art

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